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My Thoughts on LinkedIn's AI Enhance Your Profile Feature

In June 2023, I tried LinkedIn's AI tool that "enhances" your LinkedIn profile.

I didn't implement any of its suggestions. Below you can see why.

Before LinkedIn's Profile AI Feature:

morgan short's linkedin profile before the AI feature

After LinkedIn's Profile AI Feature:

morgan short's description after the AI feature

As you can see, It completely stripped my hook, voice, and personality out of my profile.

If you're just getting started on LinkedIn, I suppose the AI output could give you a start. But that's it really. And I definitely wouldn't recommend publishing the output as is. AI assisted profile is a better name for the LinkedIn feature in my opinion.

I spoke with Danielle Abril, a Technology Journalist from the Washington Post about the experience and she wrote up this article: LinkedIn has AI to enhance profiles. It made some sound robotic.

My commentary is found alongside some other tech and industry experts throughout the article.

washington post article featuring morgan short

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want your profile to sound bland and cookie-cutter, go for it!

  • Seriously though, it could be an okay tool if you're just getting started on LinkedIn or you're a recent college grad entering the workforce. But please be advised to use it as a version 1. Edit!

  • If you're trying to build a personal brand, you need a creative hook, a voice that's unique to you, and a new perspective. The AI isn't going to give you that.

  • AI is capable of doing a lot of great things. And I’ve found a ton of applicable use cases within my own creative process. But it should not replace your writers or editors.

  • I believe in investing in LinkedIn and I believe in investing in AI. They are tools like anything else.

  • The key in the creative process is human led, AI assisted. But as it is today, AI just doesn’t have the creative chops to go beyond cookie cutter, bland, and often factually incorrect.

  • Relying entirely on AI is a bad move, period.

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