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So, you've decided to start a podcast? First, kudos are in order. Congrats! A podcast is a powerful tool for storytelling, audience building, and business growth. If you're like other podcasters I've been chatting with lately, you have about 100 brilliant ideas, yet you're unclear about where to start.


I'm offering the exact plan I used to launch my own podcast in less than 60 days. This planner will make your production process easier and eliminate the headaches of getting started.

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See What's Inside in this Overview Video


For years, I thought about starting a podcast. My phone was bursting with so many notes and ideas, but they never moved beyond that. Ideas remained ideas. Maybe someday. In December 2023, I finally decided to stop dreaming and start doing. By February 2024, I had launched my podcast, Art is the New Wall Street with five episodes on day one. I did this as the sole producer, editor, host, and podcast manager, while working a 9-5. I won't pretend it was easy, because it was certainly a labor of love. But the process I designed made it so much more smooth.


As I was starting to plan for the launch, I thought about taking a course or buying someone else's system. But everything I came across was either way too expensive, or not quite what I was looking for. This planner was born out of necessity during that time. And now I hope it can help others who are starting their podcasting journey! It's designed to guide you step-by-step, ensuring you stay organized and focused on what truly matters - bringing your vision to life.

Inside the Planner

Step by Step Launch Plan

From initial idea to launch day, follow the exact path I took to start my podcast in just 60 days.

Episode Scheduling Tabs

Plan your episodes, organize guest interviews, manage your budget, and strategize your promotions—all in one place.


For each step, access curated resources that simplify and enhance your podcasting process.

Actionable Templates

Use the same templates and documents I created to keep your podcast journey smooth and systematic.

Start Podcasting!

Before the planner, starting your podcast might have seemed daunting, with too many ideas and no clear starting point. With this planner in hand, you’ll find clarity and direction, simplifying your path to a successful launch. Grab the planner and start shaping your podcast today—your audience is waiting. 

Each tab of the planner will make you feel more organized than the next. You'll find:

  • Pre-Launch Master Planner that breaks down your launch step-by-step

  • A tab to set your budget with different expenses to be thinking about

  • Episode Checklist to schedule your guest episodes

  • Guest Playground to easily keep track of your guest ideas and their statuses

  • Episode Ideas to keep track of all your topics 

  • Promo Strategy to help you plan for the promotion of your podcast from social media to newsletters

  • Graphic Kit example to give you ideas for using Canva

See How I Use the Planner to Produce My Podcast

Order Your Planner Now!


Thanks for purchasing! Check your email for your planner.

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