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About Morgan

Storyteller, Author, Creative Brand Strategist

I love creative people. Writers, designers, videographers, photographers, artists, musicians - they make the world enchanting. My life's mission is to provide creatives with the inspiration, tools, and guidance they need to reach their highest creative potential.

As a fellow creative, I'm all about stories - the narratives that define brands, captivate audiences, and set businesses apart. 

I currently head up content and web strategy at Vendavo, a B2B SaaS company providing growth and profitability solutions to manufacturers and distributors. Previously, I led a team of content strategists and specialists at Avtex (Acquired by TTEC Digital) and drove global content strategy at Optimizely. I got my start in the advertising world, so I'm wired to execute with urgency and am well accustomed to the fast-paced world of tech.

I've crafted brand and content strategies for industries like B2B SaaS, fin serv, healthcare, senior living, life coaching, retail, restaurants, and education. I've spent a lot of my time in B2B SaaS marketing technology to manufacturing and distribution industries. I've managed small content teams, agencies, and freelancers. But I've also been the solo, scrappy content marketer on the team. I'm a proud UW-Madison alum with a B.A. in Journalism - Strategic Communications, a 4x published poet, and a 2x creative & content strategy award-winner.

When I'm not marketing you'll find me writing poetry, taking photos, exploring dreams, and taking any opportunity I can to attend a music festival or see live music around the country.

For a view of my marketing portfolio click here

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