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Art Supply

Content Marketing for Creatives and Artists

You are my kind of people. You fearlessly chase your passion with fire and intention. You make the world enchanting. Let's get more eyes on your art. Here are three ways you can work with me. 


What You Get:

  • 60 minute live workshop 

  • Immediate improvements and optimizations across your social channels

  • A focused social strategy document that includes basic tips, defined goals, content pillars, social ideas, and an example weekly content calendar

Storytelling Jumpstart 


What You Get:


  • 60 minute discovery call

  • Hands-on guidance to refine and amplify your artistic narrative

  • Key storytelling elements crafted for your creative journey

  • A curated toolkit filled with resources, tips, and exercises designed to further develop your storytelling skills and enhance your creative communication

Monthly  Coaching

$1000 minimum investment per month

What You Get:


  • Up to 5 hours of marketing coaching and support each month to use however you'd like

  • Develop creative strategies, refine your artistic direction, and align your creative vision with your marketing goals

Workshops & Courses Coming Soon!

Live workshops and curated events for creatives and artists are coming soon. Stay tuned. If you'd like you can join my email list and I'll be sure to send you an invite when I launch my first workshop!

Thanks for submitting! Watch your email for a welcome message from yours truly.

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