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Rebrand: Zaronis Pizza and Mac

I renamed and led the rebranding of a pizza chain.

Fighting the tyranny of cheap pizza with a heroic new brand.

ZaRonis is home base for fighting the world’s villainous foods. The macaroni and pizza pub is open to all those looking to break free from the tyranny of cheap pizza and powdered mac. Previously Glass Nickel Pizza, ZaRonis serves pizza, wings and of course, original mac and cheese dishes.

The owners of the Oshkosh Glass Nickel Pizza decided to unchain the location and venture off on their own. This required a new brand and name.

After researching local, regional and national competitors and identifying the restaurant’s unique competitive edge, I had the honor of renaming the restaurant and leading the launch of the new brand. The name Zaronis was inspired by the combination of pizza and macaroni and the inherent Italian sound in the word. 

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