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Rebrand: Miravida Living

I renamed a senior living community and built a miraculous brand.

For over 50 years, Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh served the needs of elders, provided peace of mind for their loved ones and offered meaningful, purposeful work for its employees. They moved away from brick and mortar expansion plans and focused on improving their services and providing extraordinary services to their residents. This fundamental shift ignited creativity and inspired the launch of elder-centered programs. The shift in thinking resulted in the need for a name change. A name that captured the spirit of innovation and inspired possibilities going forward. 

The search for the right name led us to create a new word: Miravida

Miravida Living was born as a way of life emphasizing wonder and curiosity..a way of living not defined by age or abilities but filled with possibilities and opportunities.

As the Creative Strategist on the project, I lead research and strategy, developed the new name and lead the brand revamp. 

Fun fact: To pitch Miravida and all its new brand would reflect to the client, we reserved a movie theater and presented a brand discovery film.

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