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Publicity: Abused – Rachel Haines

I did PR for Rachel Haines, Author of Abused: Surviving Sexual Assault and a Toxic Gymnastics Culture.

Getting the right people to listen to Rachel’s vulnerable story.

Though he was the USA gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar made a career out of preying on many young athletes. He used his power and status to sexually abuse and molest innocent women. His story is filled of disgrace and disgust. Rachel’s? Healing and triumph.

I remember when Rachel first told me about the abuse she experienced at the hands of Nassar. I felt like my heart fell right out of my chest. Later, she told me she was healing by journaling her experiences through pen and paper. Eventually, she trusted in me to read her story. The first few paragraphs in and I knew it had to be a published story. Rachel’s story had to be heard. 

I assisted with book editing, reviewing the book proposal and getting Rachel connected with an agent. Upon publication, I developed a publicity/social media plan for Rachel and her book. I wrote a press release about the book and pitched her story to relevant local, regional and national media.

Here is a list of news coverage Rachel’s story received:




Book Reviews

Press release and pitch copy available for content review upon request.

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