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Non-profit Campaign: Project Key

I developed a campaign raising awareness for a non-profit focused on helping students overcome challenges.

Oshkosh Area School District needed a brand, website and a campaign strategy to promote Project Key.

Project Key was an initiative aimed at raising awareness among students’ families, educators and community members about high poverty levels, counselor-to-student ratio shortages and increased attempted suicide, violence and drug abuse.

As the Creative Strategist on this project I played a crucial role in developing a cost-effective marketing strategy to increase knowledge of the issues within the Oshkosh Area School District and showcase what Project Key was doing to Unlock Hope for students.

In addition to driving strategy, I also aided in developing ideas for campaign videos, coined the hashtag #UnlockHope and lead a guerrilla marketing campaign that involved creating actual keys (on a budget – we used mod-podge and spray paint) to hand out to parents and within the community in attempt to spark enough interest to visit the website and seek more information.

Note: The campaign raised enough funding to pass the referendum, however, since the project launch the social media pages and website have been removed.

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