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Guide: The Guide to eCommerce Replatforming

I built a guide for distributors ready to find a new eCommerce platform.

Many distributors experience pains with their first-generation eCommerce platform. Perhaps they’ve built eCommerce on an ERP storefront and have realized the limited experience. Or maybe they’ve developed a custom system with a team based overseas and making updates is burdensome or not possible at all. For many distributors, the second time’s the charm when it comes to eCommerce. But no one jumps at the idea of replatforming. It can seem like a pretty overwhelming task. That’s why we authored the ultimate guide to eCommerce replatforming.

Project Facts:

  • Written for Insite Software (acquired by Episerver)

  • Offer for lead generation

  • Leveraged by sales team as resource for prospects

Download PDF • 4.93MB

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