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Magazine: Legacy Builders

I produced a magazine for Insite Software.

Sharing the stories of salt of the earth people who are driving transformation in B2B. 

Insite Software serves the complex eCommerce needs of manufacturers and distributors. Insite puts their customers at the center of every decision. 

After hearing many customer success stories, we realized manufacturers and distributors have built legacies. They built their businesses on handshakes and loyalty. Many of the companies were founded by one man, now 4 generations later, the company is still in the family. A full service electrical distributor was once a single guy selling lightbulbs out of his truck. A world-class medical distributor got its start during the baby boom when a guy realized there was a need for cloth diaper delivery services. We wanted to showcase these stories and spotlight the people spearheading digital transformation to shape the future. 

So, our little, crazy, ambitious team founded Legacy Builders Magazine.

I led production of the first issue of the magazine from conception to completion. I drove the content including publishing articles under my name and ghost writing for other thought leaders, worked hand-in-hand with our designer, coordinated ad space with partners, assigned editing and supplemental production roles. 

Download PDF • 6.38MB

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